Cultural program


Sunday: Pink stories and film

After a day full of sport, dinner and party on Saturday, it’s time to relax and recover on Sunday 25th of June. We offer a nice program for the afternoon with a Pink Walk in Nijmegen and a unique preview of the movie In From The Side. We close Pink Summer Sports 2023 with drinks.


12.00 AM: Café De Plak 

We gather at café De Plak from 12.00 AM onwards for the Pink Walk. We welcome you with coffee and the staff of De Plak is happy to serve from the meu (at your own expenses). Café De Plak has been a loyal sponsor for years and is famous fo it’s special cheeseloaf; a well-preserved secret recipe (which you can try on Sunday evening at De Plak).

Location: Bloemerstraat 90, 6511 EM, Nijmegen

12.30 PM: Pink Walk

We start the Pink Walk trough Nijmegen at 12.30 PM from café De Plak. The oldest city in The Netherlands is also the oldest pink city in The Netherlands. With this pink history come beautiful and remarkable stories. No one less than Jac. Splinter will lead you along ten special places where he will describe and explain the history of lesbian/gay/lgbtqi+/queer activism in Nijmegen by sharing juicy anekdotes from this history. 

Jac. Splinter is designer and on request presents guided tours trough the city using the motto: ‘this had been given a thought why is this the result’. He invented the most hilarious, pink April’s fool joke of the 21st century (so far). Join him to see the city trough his happy, questioning, pink glasses and for sure you will have food for thoughts and stuff to discuss afterwards.

Do you intend to join the Pink Walk? Please register with your name via email mentioning Pink Walk.

Start: 12.30 PM (be on time to be able to join!)
Location: Café De Plak, Bloemerstraat 90, 6511 EM, Nijmegen

14.30 PM: Preview In From The Side

Exclusively for Pink Summer Sports 2023 theater and cinema Lux scheduled a preview of the movie In From The Side. This movie will be released in Dutch cinemas in July, but you can see it from front row in June already at Lux.

In From the Side relates about the forbidden love at a fictive rugby club in South London. After a drunk encounter, two men end up in an unforeseen, secret affair. Driven by financial worries, both are attached to their gay rugby club, but need to hide their growing feelings in order to not run the risk of destroying the club they both love so much.

Watch here the trailer of In From The Side 

Location: Mariënburg 38-39, 6511 PS, Nijmegen

You can order you ticket yourself on the website of Lux.

After the movie we close Pink Summer Sports 2023 with drinks at Lux.

We are looking forward to meet you at Nijmegen on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th of June.