Football 7x7 at PSS

After its earlier success Gay Sport Nijmegen organizes a football tournament on field again on Saturday June 22nd, 2024. Everyone can participate. We play for fun, but we also play for the victory. Which team will become champion 2024?

We will play 7 x 7: with this football form two mixed teams of seven play against each other on half a field. A team consists of a minimum of seven and a maximum of ten players. With seven players a maximum of three men may be on the field.

You can register as a team or individually. When you register as an individual, we get up a team at the start of the tournament or we try to pass you into a team.

You only have to take care of your outfit (please wear as a team the same colour clothing), a drink bottle, football shoes and some warm clothing for when you’re not playing.


After a warming up (bring your own ball) we start playing the matches. You can play the whole tournament; there will be no elimination rounds. At the end of the day we make up the results to see which team has won most of the matches and wins the titel.

The tournament is Saturday, June 22nd 2024. Time: 13:30 pm till 16.30pm.

Costs for participation: 7 euro


The tournament takes place at the fields of:

Sportpark Quick
Dennenstraat 25
6543 JP Nijmegen

Dinner and party
At the end of the day you can enjoy the dinner (€ 25,00) at restaurant ‘We Gaan Beginnen/Wij ook’ and a party (free entree) with other participants of the Pink Summer Sports tournament.

Cultural program on Sunday
On Sunday June 23rd you can visit activities at the Rainbowmarket of COC Nijmegen.

We hope to see you in Nijmegen this summer!

More info and questions regarding football:
Arianne de Bruin