Diner en feest

After exercise it is good to eat...

After a sportive day during Pink Summer Sports 2023 you can join a nice dinner on Saturday 24th of June. We have the coals ready. Things really goes on fire as long as it lasts at the following party….

Restaurant De Industrie takes care of the dinner; barbeque with meat and enough choice of vegetarian food. At the bar outside you can order bear, wine and cold lemonades. Let the sun shine :)

De Industrie is ready for receiving guests from Pink Summer Sports from 6 pm. One our later at 7 pm they light the bbq.

Do you want to have a nice dinner with your teammates and other athletes of Pink Summer Sports 2023? Register as soon as possible for dinner (€ 26,00) through your registrationform of the sport of your choice.

No athlete, but supporter? You can have a skewer at De Industrie as well. Use the next button for registation for dinner.


Restaurant De Industrie
Weurtseweg 105
6541 AP Nijmegen

...and party!

After the BBQ we are happy to welcome you at our party. You don’t need a ticket to the party; that’s handy. But be sure you be there on time. We’ll let you know the exact place and time where you need to be… ;)